In this article, we’re going to be looking at the top 10 Car loan agencies in Nigeria. You may earn monthly or perhaps daily and weekly income, but your earnings aren’t sufficient enough to get you a dream car when you need it.

Making you to think of all kind of saving plans or car financing options to get the money to pay for the cost of the car you intend to buy. Well, things can be much easier only if you take a Car loan. Below is a list of top 10 car loan agencies in Nigeria for you to consider.


Top 10 Car Loan Agencies in Nigeria


#1. First Bank of Nigeria Auto Loan: –

First Bank of Nigeria has an Auto Loan option to help you with your need of financing a new vehicle. This vehicle loan is open to anyone as long as you’re not bankrupt and you agree to their spelled-out policies.

The car loan is also applicable to businesses and organizations who want to roll in vehicles to help them in their day-to-day operations. For instance; a delivery company that need vehicles to run their deliveries to customers.

The Auto loan has a maximum loan amount of N15 million and all loans for a maximum period of 4 years with an interest rate of 22%. To get more information on the First Bank Auto loan or how to apply; please visit their website on


#2. BuyCars.NG Auto Financing: – is an online vehicle marketplace where sellers of used cars meet buyers and conduct business transactions successfully. But they also have a Loan provision to enable car buyers who aren’t financially buoyant to get their dream cars with a convenient down payment that suits their budgets.

However, this Car loan option are for those who have been proven to have a steady source of income; either via business, salary and wages etc; as supplied by verified car dealers. Their interest rate ranges from 28% – 48% depending on the kind of vehicle one is purchasing, while their Maximum Loan tenor is 12-18 months. To learn more or to apply; visit


#3. Stanbic IBTC Auto Loan: –

The Stanbic IBTC Car loan offers new and existing customers the opportunity to acquire the vehicles of their dream. In the Stanbic IBTC loan scheme, all vehicles are included and customers have the leisure of an affordable, well-structured and convenient repayment plan.

They offer a maximum loan limit of N15 million and maximum tenor of 48 months. The Stanbic IBTC car loan has a flexible payment tenor of about 4 years, an electronic statement to keep track of your repayments. You can access a variety of accredited dealers to help you find your choice car. You can learn more by visiting their website at


#4. FCMB Auto Loan: –

The First City Monument bank (FCMB) has a loan scheme that enables customers of the bank to purchase or upgrade to their dream cars. However, the benefactor has to be someone who has a steady stream of income with assurance of repaying the loan within the stipulated instalment payback period.

The FCMB Auto Loan gives you access to around N500, 000 to about N3 million with tenor payment of around 12 to 60 months, depending on the type of car and the kind of Loan you applied for. For more information or application, visit


#5. Creditville Limited Auto Loan: –

This is a well-known lending organization in Nigeria with digital lending platforms. They are known for providing Customers with asset finance opportunities depending on their need and the Car loan happens to be one of those needs for which loan can be granted.

However, their Car loan aren’t for commercial purposes but strictly personal use. Application for their loan can be done online and one of their Agents will contact you if your application is approved. For more information or application, visit


#6. Access Bank Group Vehicle Finance: –

The Access Bank Group is one company providing facility loans to aid people get a vehicle. However, you have to be their customer to stand a chance in application. This vehicle loan enables applicants to get their dream cars in a convenient way.

This loan tenor is for a maximum of 48 months, and you can only apply if you agree to purchase the vehicle from the Bank’s accredited auto dealers. For more information on this vehicle loan, and how to apply, visit


#7. Opticom Finance Limited Car Loan: –

Opticom Finance is a non-bank financial company with the license and permission by the Central Bank of Nigeria to offer a wide range of financial services which include Car loans.

Their applications are straight forward and simple and their loans are flexible. One may not need to have a collateral before accessing, what’s more important is the repayment capability. To apply for this loan or to get more information visit


#8. United Bank of Africa (UBA Auto Loan): –

The United Bank of Africa Auto Loan is one of the loan types available at the African giant Bank. The loan is to enable customers upgrade their car or even change to a new one. As one of the leading banks in Africa, you can only imagine how efficient their car loan option will get.

Customers are provided with loan as much as N15 million for a maximum tenor of 48 months i.e. 4 years. To learn about the interest rates or possibly apply for it or you are already a customer of the bank; please visit their webpage at


#9. Rosabon Financial Services (Car loan): –

This is a financial house that provide loans to tackle all sort of financial issues and inclusive in their loan scheme is the Car loan scheme. The car loan scheme is opened for salary or income earners who are saved the long wait of having to complete their savings before getting their dream car.

All you have to do to benefit from their fast loan service is to provide a small percentage of the total value of the expected vehicle worth; and you will be eligible to get your dream car. You can visit for more information.


#10. Citi Bank Nigeria (Auto Loan): –

Citi Bank Nigeria PLC provides a wide range of financial products and services to customers both commercial and the public sector. One of its loan schemes is the Auto loan which is available for consumers or organizations who want to purchase a new car.

A maximum of up to N15 million and a loan tenor of up to 4 years are available depending on the plan chosen. For further details on how to apply visit;


Wrapping up: Top 10 Car Loan Agencies in Nigeria

Now you have the list of top 10 car loan agencies in Nigeria to consider. There is no shame in borrowing, as long as you keep to the terms of agreement and repay as due. Many have achieved their financial goals or done greater things through a loan and so can you.

We hope that this review will help you as you consider taking up a loan to get your new car or foreign used car. However, note that there are other Car loan companies in the country too, but the above 10 are trusted with very positive outcomes recommendations.