(1) Security: While anti-theft systems like push-buttons before car start, gear lock, pedal locks etc… are good, ONLY A TRACKING SYSTEM LIKE OURS ALLOWS YOU TO RECOVER (AND ALSO PROTECT) YOUR VEHICLE IF YOUR CAR IS HIJACKED FROM YOU WHILE DRIVING. Our trackers are both anti-theft and recovery in nature. e.g. You could shutdown your car before you sleep at night or park in a public space. Whenever you need to start the car, you enable it also.

(2) Remote Monitoring: GPS Security trackers allows you to monitor your vehicle location remotely from your phone. You are able to view your car’s location in real time (from our IOS/ANDROID APPS).

(3) Vehicle History: Through our online platform (IOS/ANDROID APPS) , you can view where your car had been between DAY X and DAY Y. A plot is shown on a map showing your car’s movement over this period of time.

(4) Remotely Stop Your Car: With our security GPS tracker, you are able to stop your car from ANY PHONE with an sms command. This function can also be carried out through our online platforms.

(5) Geo-Fencing Alarm:If your car goes beyond set a radius (or multi-point), say Lagos, you will be notified by sms.

(6) Other alarms (Over-speed Alarm, Ignition On Alarm, Low Battery Alarm ): Over-speed alarms notifies you via sms when your car goes beyond a particular speed. Ignition on notifies you WHENEVER your car is started. Low Battery Alarm lets you know when your car battery is low.

(7) Daily Mileage report (online platform): Daily mileage report shows you a daily chart (in KM) of your car.


source: https://mymoto.com.ng/why-you-should-install-the-mymoto-security-tracker/