Do you want to buy car parts from salvage yards in Nigeria? This post describes how you can buy scrap cars or quality spare parts from salvage yards in Nigeria. If you are looking for scarce motor parts like sports cars, school bus, estate shuttles, late-model convertible coupes, security vehicles, business vehicles; hard-to-get vehicle parts or compatible motor body parts in Nigeria, we recommend you learn How to Buy or Sell Scrap Cars in Nigeria on our website. You can also try popular “auto mechanic villages” and used cars recycling markets in Nigeria.

However, we have recommended full service automotive dealers in Nigeria who have new car struts and used car parts like manifolds, condensers, liner brake parts, transmissions, gasket, and brake calipers at Ladipo International Auto Parts Market Lagos; the largest place to find tokunbo car parts in Nigeria and Africa at the best prices. But if you choose to shop offline by yourself and locate the nearby salvage yards in Nigeria, below are some top junk car sites and auto parts salvage yards in Nigeria.


Top 10 Aftermarket Salvage Yards in Nigeria


#1. Ladipo Auto Parts Market Lagos

Find latest Innoson Motors and other made in Nigeria cars, spare parts for sell; optimum performance parts, replacement auto-body parts, used car parts, and recycled auto parts accessories at Car Parts Online Store in Nigeria. Shop online from verified auto parts dealers in Lagos and car truck assemblies at Ladipo Market.


#2. Zuba Motor Spare Parts Market Abuja

Let us buy and inspect the latest model Lexus 250 Chassis, Honda Pilot 2010 Axle, Toyota Coolant, and Mercedes Benz ML350 4Matic Engine Block at greatest reduced prices.

With over 25,000 parts in a car, if you want to know where you can buy cheapest motor parts online, our part boys and registered spare parts business owners in Nigeria can help you locate offline auto parts marketplaces like Gudu Market, Zuba Motor Spare Parts Market Abuja.


#3. Ikoku Spare Parts Traders Shops  – Port Harcourt

You can fix any vehicle issues and change your motor dashboards, flywheels, water and air-intake hoses, fan belts, and timing belts at Ikoku Spare Parts Traders Shops or at Eleme Spare Parts Dealers – Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.


#4. Araromi Auto Spare Parts Market Agodi Ibadan, Oyo State

We help car owners and highway drivers carry out parts search and working inspections to ensure they acquire the actual vehicle parts they want; such as Hyundai Rear Hub Assy, Hardex SAE 5W-20 SN Engine oil (5liters).


#5. Owode Auto Market Ikorodu Lagos

We can get any Car Door Handle from Owode Auto Market Ikorodu; Iyana Itire Garage, Agbeni spare parts car markets, and Araromi Auto Spare Parts Market Agodi Ibadan, Oyo State.


#6. Mgbuka Obosi Spare Parts Market; Onitsha-Owerri Road Anambra State.

If you’re going to South-East; ask any long travelling passenger and commercial transporter about Uwelu Motor Spare Parts Market Benin City and Mgbuka Obosi Spare Parts Market; Onitsha-Owerri Road Anambra State.


#7. Bola Maiduguri Spare Parts Market

If you visit Car Repair Stores in Zaria, PAN Remanufactured Automobiles Spare Parts Workshop, and Bola Maiduguri Spare Parts Market today, you will discover our office at Jos Road Auto Spare Parts Market Oriapata, Kaduna State Nigeria.


#8. New Auto Parts Shop Nkpor Onitsha

Let us buy for you from Nkpor New Auto Spare Parts Market (new parts and genuine batteries), Coal Camp Spare Parts Market Enugu, Alaoji Motor Parts, and Asa-Nnentu Spare Parts Market, Aba, Abia State.

You will be glad to know that everything about spare parts is available there. They have everything you need; such as vehicle upper and lower ball joints, sway bar, bolt washer, nut, valve guides, tubeless Dunlop tires and second hand used cars.


#9. Kurmi Market, or Kofar Ruwa Spare Part Shops, Kano.

Here you can get original Jaguar and Tesla electric car engine alternator, fuel injector cleaner, SENSEN/KYB shock absorber, pointer light switches, and SCT Germany Brake Pads. Order for quality Toyota Sienna, Toyota Jeep and Hilux spare parts now.


#10. Nkwo Nnewi New Motorcycle Spare Parts Market

From relay, to clutch plates, brake disc, rotors, throttle body and more. Let’s go to Nkwo Nnewi New Motorcycle Spare Parts Market, The largest motorcycle (okada) and tricycles spare parts hub in Nigeria.


Wrapping up: Top 10 Salvage Yards in Nigeria

There you have it. List of top 10 vehicle parts open markets and Salvage Yards in Nigeria. Contact us today, we can help you uncover any particular auto part and vehicle accessories you need from these markets; including new and old motor parts with standard OEM parts manufacturing warranties.

You will find everything like refurbished Lexus RX300 Gearbox, Toyota Camry Tokunbo Engine Parts, used Peugeot 406 Crankshaft, Ferrari and Acura ZDX 2019 Air Flow Meter. Our scrap car dealers and sales managers can guide you on how to procure high quality Toyota Corolla AC Compressor, Reworked Boscha DC Fuel Gauge, Rebuilt Volvo Brain Box, Rolls-Royce and GAC motors synthetic engine.