Have you been to the largest international automobile trading market? Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market is a popular hub for all kinds of used vehicle parts in Nigeria an Africa. Apart from auto spare parts, you can also buy a wide range of foreign used items; such as laptops, phones, chargers, generators, bicycles, household equipment etc. in this market.

In this article, you are going to learn how to buy genuine parts from Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market at a cheaper price. To ensure you buy your goods at a reasonable price, here are some useful information you need to know about this spare parts market located in Mushin Local Government, Lagos State Nigeria.

Below are 10 things to now about Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market Before buying your items. These tips may save you money and time if you are planning to visit this market for foreign-used products and auto related services.


How To Buy From Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market


#1. Know that its a densely populated market

Just like most African pen business environment that is made of shops, Ladipo Market is a very busy place. Here, you will find heaps of auto parts ready for sale, cars and many more. There are brands of all kinds of car parts heaped across each sections in the market.


#2. You can buy all parts you want here 

You can buy almost any automobile spare part of your choice at Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market; such as used automotive parts, popular car components and high demand replacement automobile parts like vehicle engines, gearboxes, headlamps, car bumpers, car doors, windscreens, mirrors, suspension systems, car tires, rims, car brakes, brake pads, engine seatings, and so on.


#3. There are market hustlers to help you

If you don’t want to stress it, you can relax and have the helpers (Hustlers) to assist you for the particular things you want. The Hustlers are the middlemen between the buyers and sellers of any product or service in African businesses. But you have to trust them to work with them.


#4. The parts items are very affordable

You can save thousands of naira for yourself if you understand how this Igbo dominated market operates. As a buyer potential customer, you may get the right items from most retailers shops or from hustlers. The main dealers and importers are the big marketers who have grown their capital through intermediary practices over the years. They are the owners of car parts warehouses.



#5. You Can Not Buy from Direct Importers

Buying an auto component from an importer may not be possible because they sell in wholesale to retailers or main dealers. However, the retailers are your best option but do not forget the middlemen (Hustlers). They can help you find your dream car or parts but remember the adage, ” Nothing comes of nothing.” They may add to the cost of your purchase.


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#6. You Can Repair Your Car On The Spot

Apart from getting your car parts from Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market, you can also repair your vehicle there too. There are experienced auto mechanics on ground to fix your car or change whatever part that need to be changed  immediately.


#7. Buy Tokunbo Vehicles (Used Cars and Trucks)

According to Carbuyersbroker.com, Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market is also a hotspot for freshly imported vehicles. Just like auto spare parts, you can also purchase drivable used trucks and cars in the market. Although the used auto market in Ladipo is not as large as what is obtainable at Berger cars sellers hub, another reliable place to buy foreign used vehicles in Lagos,  imported from Germany, USA, or Canada.


#8. You can buy Laptops and mobile phones

Some of the popular sections of the market inlude Odo Aladura, Promise Land, Osoro, Akinwumi and Aguiyi Ironsi International Trade Centre. You can find different auotomotive trading and other commercial activities there. Aside cars and car spare parts, you can purchase laptops, and mobile phones at great prices from the Ladipo market than at the popular Computer Village in Ikeja Lagos.


#9. Buy clothes, footwears and  Household Electronics

You can also buy second-hand clothing and footwear such as shoes, boots, and socks that are imported for sell in Nigeria from abroad countries like Asia, the US, and Europe. Household electronics and equipment like ‘OK’ televisions, sound systems, vacuum cleaners, bicycles, generators, washing machines, blenders, etc. are also found in Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market.


#10 You can hire our part boys and market managers

We can help find all kind of automotive parts in all remote corners or shops through out the Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market. So, when next you visit Ladipo Market, you can Contact us to help you in buying genuine auto spare parts and fairly used vehicles in the market.

Shopping around the market with our sales managers can help you negotiate down the price and save you the stress of buying wrong items. We know the main auto dealers Ladipo Market and we buy from direct importers at reasonable prices.