Rainy seasons are the worst seasons for car owners in Nigeria especially when you live on the island. Too many car owners have been forced to navigate through various routes when the downpour starts. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend millions of Naira in purchasing a car, only to have it destroyed due to unfavorable weather conditions. But, there are ways to keep and maintain your car during these times. As a car owner, it is a must to adhere to these guidelines in order not to lose your car to ignorance.

In this article, you would be learning about how to maintain your car for rainy season trips. A lot of people take or make their trips to various destinations in Nigeria and beyond– many have been forced to make these trips during rainy seasons despite the bad road conditions. Sometimes, you plan for it, and most times you can’t control the situation. But whichever way it is, you’ve got to meet up with things that require your urgent attention. And your car has to be kept in good shape. So, how do you do this? Below is a step by step guide on how to maintain your car for rainy season trips.

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How to Maintain Your Car for Rainy Season Trips


1. Understand the following facts about maintaining your car

For a car to last longer, it requires proper care and maintenance. During road trips in rainy seasons, your car is bound to get mixed up with dirt – that if not well-taking care of could damage your car over time. Here is a snap shot of ways to maintain your car for rainy season trips:

  • Avoid rainwater drying up on your car
  • Ensure Frequent Car engine check-up
  • Park in a closed garage
  • Check your windshield and wipers
  • Check your brake systems often
  • Always have emergency car kits
  • Avoid over speeding rainy seasons


2. Avoid rainwater drying up on your car

Oftentimes, you may be thinking – why wash your car after a heavy downpour? Leaving your car unwashed after rainfall could be threatening the lifespan of your car body parts. There is something you need to understand with rainwater drying up on your car. Rainwater contains acidic substances which if dried up on your car could damage the painting of your car. That is why it is very important to dry up the rainwater after a rainfall.


3. Ensure regular car engine checkup

Regular check on the engine would save you up the money and stress during rainy seasons. The engine of a car contains mechanical and electrical parts that need regular checkups and maintenance. During rainy seasons in sub Sahara Africa, there are times when car engines could be affected due poor weather conditions. So, what is advisable is for the car owner to conduct regular car maintenance checks on the engines, the lightening and tires during and after each journey.


4. Park your car in a closed garage

Keeping your car cool and dry is a safety piece of advice always. When your car stays off wet condition for a long time without proper drying, it can build up molds in the car which could damage some important parts of the car. So, keeping and protecting your car from direct sunlight and rainfalls can prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.


4. Check your windshield and wiper

Every driver in the world knows how much a car’s windshield and wiper are very important to the success of every journey throughout the year. As a good driver, always check to see if your car or truck windshield is working properly before setting out during rainy seasons. Maintenance is always the key to having a good and functioning wiper and windshield. Lots of accidents have been recorded in the past due to failing windscreens and wipers. Always check from the tip to the connectors and check if they are switching up well to ensure proper safety measures and operations.


5. Check your brakes often

Negligence of your vehicle brake systems has taken more lives than necessary. Conducting a 15mins check on your brake pads can go a long way in making sure that you do not get involved in unnecessary accidents while driving wet roads. Sometimes, you could be faced with scenarios of a failing brake. This could be due to inadequate checkups and maintenance of your car brakes. Always take some time to do the regular parade, and avoid mishaps when driving. Because during rainy seasons, you might encounter some bad roads, so how effective your brake is would help in keeping you out of dangerous ways.


6. Always have an emergency kit

Sometimes, rainy seasons can be stormy and cloudy. Depending on the weather though, it is advisable to stay indoors unless there is something very much important to go do outside. Always endeavor to keep an emergency kit in the car. This is also a very much important tool for car maintenance as it can serve you at any point in time when the need arises. Different varieties of things could be inside emergency kit to fit into any occasion that arises. What is needed is to know how to use these kits. Examples of car winter emergency kit includes first aid kit, warning triangle, jumper cable, flashlight, batteries, blanket, snacks, water, Share, hand gloves, boots, etc.


7. Avoid over speeding during rainy season trips

If you want to have your car working for a long time, try to avoid overspending. It is even too risky to drive at a very high speed to avoid lost of lives. Especially during rainy seasons, maintain a minimum speed. Don’t go beyond the stipulated speed limits – because you could end up damaging your car and even getting involved in fatal accidents. Rainy seasons are not the right time to over speed. When you maintain an average speed, your car will not develop any fault for a very period. And just like what you always hear, “speed kills”.


Wrapping up: How to Maintain Your Car for Rainy Season Trips

Now you know how to maintain your car for rainy season trips. Car maintenance isn’t easy as it seems – but with discipline, with this, you can have your car serve you for a good period. Taking these steps is crucial to sustaining an effective maintenance routine for your car. Rainy days are hard and dirty – and could always leave your car in a mess all the time.

But, adhering to these steps would help you keep your car clean, strong, and swifter when needed. Everything now goes down to discipline from the driver of the car who would want to avoid any future related issues that could damage your car. It is therefore important to prepare ahead for seasons like this before they arrive.